Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st Time Parents: Past my due date...

Yup! You read that correctly... I'm past my due date (10/11/08). I'm still here, very pregnant :-( I was really hoping to have Brock this weekend. I guess I just never imagined that I would go past my due date. I also can't believe how bummed I am about it! I am sooo uncomfortable - especially trying to sleep at night. I've been having a lot of hot flashes too. These last few days I have found that I am pretty much constantly hungry. I get full really fast, so I don't eat as much initially, but like 20 minutes later I feel like I'm starving.

I really shouldn't complain! I've had such a wonderful pregnancy. But people are right when they say that the last week is the hardest.

My next scheduled OB appt is this coming Thursday. I pray to God that I have Brock before then. Who knows... maybe tonight will be the night??

My sister-in-law thinks it will be tomorrow because of the full moon, and Spike thinks it will be tomorrow too because it'll be the 13th and 13 is his lucky number... and oddly enough, I was born the 13th of June...! Could be fate! LOL! Wishful thinking I guess :-)


SoMdGrl83 said...

Welcome to the over due club. Sleeping is the worst! I hope your baby comes soon. I want mine to come on the 13th too. I was born and married on the 13th so its a lucky day for me.

Mommy2SerenityL said...

Sorry you have gone past your due date.. but just remember.. due dates are approximal.. and you can go at any second.