Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Time Parents: Baby's first doctor visit

Brock had his first visit today with the pediatrician. It went very well! He's already gone past his birth weight and he's only 6 days old!! Here are his new "stats" for today:

Weight: 8lbs, 11oz.
Length: 22 inches
Head circumference: 14 3/4inches

The nurse and the doctor said he's going to be a big boy! DUH! LOL!

Well that's it for today. He's been sleeping ALL day today.


Beth said...

Gladys sent me your blog site to see the newest member of the family..... BEAUTIFUL!!!! And congratulations! What a roller-coaster ride it will be for the next couple of months. All worth it in the end. You ought to jump over to my site and check it out! Take care of yourself, make sure you get enough rest or the hormones will take hold!!!! ~Beth (Gladys's friend)

Kim & Jesse said...

It is amazing how fast they grow. Brooklynn was 8 pounds even when she was 3 days old and i took her to the doctor. Then she had to go back for her stomach at 2 weeks old and she was already at 9lbs 6oz. She is a little piggy. Enjoy it while you can cause before you know it Brock will be a toddler. Love ya, Kimmie