Thursday, October 16, 2008

1st Time Parents: Almost home

So we're still at the hospital today. I've officially been discharged, but Brock has jaundice and the pediatrician wanted him to stay in the Special Care Unit and recieve 24 hours of photo therapy. Spike and I decided that I would stay with Brock at the hospital so that I could continue nursing him through the night. Spike went home to get some rest and to finish a few projects around the house. I miss him so much!! He's been such an awesome support and coach through my entire labor, delivery, recovery, and nursing! He's amazing!

The results of the latest blood work showed that his bilirubin levels are decreasing... albeit slowly, but they are coming down. 24 hours after birth, his level was 9.3. Another 24 hours after that, they were up to 11.9. The latest drawing shows his levels to be at 11.0. So this is good! Hopefully all of the supplemental milk he has gotten today helps with passing the bilirubin!

Here is an album with some of his pictures that we took yesterday and the day he was born. Since he's been receiving photo therapy all day today, I only took like 2 pictures. Those are still on the camera, so it'll be a little while before I add them.

Pictures of Brock David: click here

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