Tuesday, September 1, 2009

16 Week Check-up

So I had my 16 Week check up this morning for baby #2! It was a very scary appointment. My emotions were all over the place! In a matter of 5 minutes, I almost bawled & puked in fear and then almost bawled & puked in relief! Today's appointment was to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. She put the doppler on my belly and started moving it around to find the baby's heartbeat. Well... she looked for a good 5 minutes and couldn't find anything! I was terrified. I didn't know what to do or say. I was a complete mute just laying there staring at my doctor hoping she could make everything better. Then she goes, "Well I can't find anything... we need to get the abdominal ultrasound in here..." OMG. I couldn't stop praying that something was just wrong with the doppler. I kept praying that God wouldn't do this to me. She rang the bell for the assistant to bring in the ultrasound machine. A minute or two later, WE GOT A HEARTBEAT! All I could say was, OMG THANK YOU JESUS!!! I was like, "that was so scary!" We didn't even have to use the ultrasound machine. The doctor kept saying that she could hear the baby moving around but was just having a very difficult time finding its heartbeat. I told her about the sciatic nerve pain that I had been having and she said that since it was so hard to find the heartbeat (she had to have the doppler in a weird angle) she said it is very likely that my uterus is tilted backwards a bit and could be putting pressure on that nerve. So hopefully my uterus decides to right itself to relive that sciatic nerve because sometimes the pain stops me dead in my tracks!

My next appointment is for September 29th! I go in for my 20 week check up and the Growth Ultrasound. This ultrasound is two-fold. The first part of it is to make sure the baby's internal organs are all developing and there aren't any abnormalities. The second is to learn the sex of the baby! I still haven't decided if I want to know or not. I keep going back and forth. A part of me really wants to know because I feel like I had a special bond with Brock after I found out what he was. It was cool knowing his name and being able to talk about him. Another part of me wants to experience not knowing! I don't know! I'm sure I'll end up finding out because I'm too big of a control freak not to. I mean, how am I going to decorate the room!? What outfit is he/she going to come home in? Ahhh! We'll see :-)

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Kim said...

Hey there!! I couldn't decide if i wanted to know what Brooklynn was either and then i just did anyway. If we ever have anymore i am gonna try not to find out what it is. lol. Oh and I was fine when she went to school. It was weird when i came home to the house with out her that is when it really hit me but she only goes 2 days a week so it is good.