Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Our Labor Day weekend was jam-packed with lots of fun! It started with our annual trip to Monticello, KY (which is an 8 hour drive). We rent a houseboat every labor day weekend and cruise around Lake Cumberland.

We weren't able to go last year because I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Brock. My OB gave me strict orders to stay home last year. We were soooo bummed. Now that I'm pregnant again, the 1st thing I asked my doctor was if I could go to the houseboat this year! She said yes, because I was still early on in my pregnancy :-)

Brock was AMAZING in the car on the way there and back! You wouldn't have known there was a 10-month old in the back seat! He kept himself completely entertained the whole ride. All he had with him in the back seat was his Handy Manny doll. He just enjoyed the ride!

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of our vacation!

Brock having a bottle while we unloaded the cars and loaded up the boat

My brother-in-law Tony supervising

Our boat!

Spike's sisters, Dawn & Wendy

Our niece Stephanie and her friend Britney (aka: Sassy Pants and Butter Cup - to be explained later!)

Our nephew Justin driving the boat

My mother-in-law relaxing on the raft

Jumping off the top of the boat!

Our nephew Hunter jumping off the top. This was the first year he was allowed to do this and he had a blast!!!

Spike about to get himself into trouble on the jet ski...

Ok, I'm going to take a break from uploading the pictures. I will add some more later... Lots of fun pictures to come!!

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