Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Labor Day pictures!

Brock with Grandma Sherry

Aunt Dawn giving Brock some licorice

Brock rockin' the mohawk!

He could barely move in this life jacket!

Ok, so before we left, Spike & I bought this new board game. Its called Qwelf and is by far the best family game EVER! We had sooooo much fun playing it! Here are some pictures from the game!
Poor Wendy! She had to wear this mask for most of the game!

Poor Mark! Had to put ice cubes down his pants til he rolled a 6... or maybe it was a 3... either way it was hilarious!

LOL! Wendy drew a card where she had to fit as many items in her shirt as she could in 10 seconds! She got 18 things in there! Not bad :-)

Mark had to hold his hands on his head until his next turn. He had to read me my trivia card like this!

Sassy Pants drew a card where she had to play armless until she drew a new action card... never happened! Then she drew a talking card where she had to repeat everything she said twice! It was hilarious!

Brock with my mom! I think she is the love of his life ;-) He gets so excited when he's with her!

Getting his first taste of ice cream! He loved it! He also got some from Aunt Dawn and Aunt Wendy!

Grandpa Russ was talking like Donald Duck! Brock LOVES it! He even tries to do it himself!

Probably my favorite picture of the whole weekend!

I forgot to explain "Sassy Pants" & "Butter Cup." When we played our first game of Qwelf, Stephanie's friend Brittney drew a card that said each player had to give the person to their right a nickname of endearment... So, I was "Honey", Spike's mom was "Sweet Cheeks", Spike was "Bunny", Wendy was "Sugar Pie", Mark was "Lover", Stephanie was "Sassy Pants", and Brittney was "Butter Cup." This card was in effect for the entire game! If anyone referred to another person by their real names or anything other than their new nickname, they were penalized and had to move back 2 spaces... Along with that, Sassy Pants drew a card that said if anyone had to move their piece backwards, she would have to say the following, "Serves you right Captain Poopy Pants!" LOL! It was great!

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