Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cider Mill 2009... visit #1!

I say visit #1 because I have at least 2 more trips planned for the season :-) Oh how I love Michigan in the Fall!!! Anyway, yesterday morning when Spike got home from work we took Brock to the cider mill! I was terrified that he would get stung by a bee, but humans were far from the minds of those bees. All they wanted was cider and doughnuts!
Apples being sorted

Daddy trying to get Brock to take a sip of cider... didn't happen! Had to put it into his sippy cup!

Brock getting his first taste of a spiced doughnut...

Do you think he liked it? Right after this picture he ripped it right out of my hand and shoved a piece in his mouth! LOL

Holy baby bump! I went to bed Friday night with some bad muscle pains around my belly... woke up and had that big ole bump!

Happy Family!

My little clown!

Thanks for viewing!