Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Olivia Go!!!

Trying it again...

Posted 37 minutes ago
They are trying to ween Olivia from the vent again today. Hopefully she does well this time around! She is now breathing around the vent tube so that's a great sign that her swelling went down. She is super, super hard to sedate and they are giving her almost the max amounts of sedation meds and that is still only keeping her calm for 20 minutes then she's thrashing around again. Poor thing.

When her surgeon rounded this morning he said her heart/lung pressures are "phenomenal"! I LOVE hearing that...especially from her surgeon! Her chest tube drainage has been so minimal that they might be able to pull her chest tubes out over the next couple of days. That's the one thing that they said could keep us here a long time and she's doing going great in that regard. It would be amazing if we were out of here closer to the 10 day to two week time frame!

They are preparing her for extubation now so we have to leave her room. I'll update again later.

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