Sunday, August 29, 2010

Olivia - update

Olivia was extubated around 5pm. It was really rough for a while. She was still so sedated that she wasn't breathing on her own. We had to keep yelling her name and stimulating her to get her to breath. It was really scary. The Intensivist came in to monitor the situation and said that even though she wasn't breathing on her own, when she hit a certain oxygen saturation (like in the low 80's) her brain finally kicked in and told her body to take a breath. That happened for him one time and then she has been breathing fine ever since.
She's had her dressing changed and was given an antibacterial bath to try to help prevent blood infections. She has pacer wires connected to her heart since surgery and those might come out tomorrow. Those are in place in case she has any heart arythmia's or anything that requires a pace maker.

Her blood work came back and showed that the bleeding that was found in her foley cathetar was not from her kidneys. It was trauma related from when they inserted the tube so that was good news.

Her chest tubes are draining a fair amount. It's decreasing but not as much as I earlier thought.

Please pray that she has an uneventful night and continues to breathe well on her own

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