Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Music Man

I think Brock totally gets his love of music from his mommy :-) It makes me so proud! Brock is so into music right now. Every morning, he serenades Lilly and I on his little piano/xylophone.  Every time we're in the car, he plays air-guitar and makes me strum along in the front seat! I love it! So cute.

Brock is will be 22 months this month :-( I cannot believe he's almost 2. He is such a sweet boy. He adores his baby sister. He makes her laugh so hard all the time on purpose. It is so cute! He always holds her hand and says "awww" when he does it.

He's starting to say a lot of words! I love it and cannot wait until he starts carrying a conversation. My new favorite word is "yummy." Its not the word, per se, its the way he uses it to tell me that he is hungry and not that his food is necessarily yummy!

Here are a few pictures of Brock. I have to find a video of him playing the air guitar. I think I have one on my cell phone...

Such a boy! So anxious to hold his very first frog! Not even a hint of fear :-)

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