Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Three Words

About Y3W: I borrowed this idea from Jenni at Jenni From the Blog.  Jenni asked her readers to play along so she could get to know us! So from now on, every Friday I'll try to sum up my week in just three short words.

So here is my week in 3 words:

(Photo courtesy of One More Moore)

Last year, a co-worker of mine gave me my first starter kit of Amish Friendship bread. We ate sooooo much of it, that I really needed to take a break from it. After making a few loaves you kind of run out of people to give it to! So I decided to freeze 2 starter kits for future use... well the time has come! I took one kit out of the freezer earlier this week to see if it works out! So wish me luck!!!

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jenni said...

YUM! God luck making it... it looks delish!

Thanks for playing mama!